Dear Traveler, we are currently experiencing some technical disruptions due to the change of booking platform. This mainly affects our online check-in, and we therefore refer to check-in desks at the respective airports until further notice. We regret the situation and are working to have a solution in place as soon as possible.

About us

After 18 years as Amapola, we got a populAir idea, a name that we believe you will remember and hopefully make you smile a little. With our green and white background, we want to symbolize the green forests and white expanses of the Nordic region.

We at populAir are proud to offer comfortable and safe flights to some of Sweden's most exciting destinations. Discover our beautiful country from north to south with our reliable flight services. Whether you are traveling for business or pleasure, we always strive to make your domestic journey as comfortable and memorable as possible.

Fly with us and experience the difference with populAir – discover Sweden with us!

More about our operations

  • populAir is the trading name for Amapola Flyg AB's passenger operations and is a Swedish airline with Swedish owners and Swedish collective agreements. 
  • populAir is based at Stockholm Arlanda. 
  • populAir flies to the following destinations from Stockholm Arlanda: Arvidsjaur, Gällivare, Hemavan, Kramfors, Lycksele, Mariehamn, Vilhelmina & Örnsköldsvik. From Mariehamn, we fly to Turku. 
  • populAir has an interline agreement with SAS. This means that as a traveler, you have the opportunity to continue your journey with SAS on the same ticket and simultaneously check-in yourself and your baggage to your final destination, book your flight via or through your travel agency. 
  • populAir has a uniform fleet consisting of 12 Fokker 50 aircraft (7 in passenger version and 5 in freight version), this aircraft type is well suited for regional routes. The Fokker 50 is a fuel-efficient aircraft, with fuel consumption of 0.038 liters per seat/km. 
  • populAir flies at altitudes between 6 000 and 7 000 meters, which means that there are no high-altitude effects during the flight. 
  • The Fokker 50 uses up to 30% less fuel than a regional jet aircraft with the same passenger capacity. Consequently, the CO2 emission is up to 30% less. Fokker 50 CO2 emissions per passenger are less than 100 g/km, which is lower emissions than most fossil-fueled cars (assuming 100% load factor for Fokker 50 and (1 person per car). Source: